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Are disc priests good in wotlk

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This way you should have a good idea of the strongest lineup in Wrath of the Lich King. WOTLK Classic Best Arena Comps - Wrath of the Lich King 2v2 & 3v3 ... Warlock, Priest and Mage all perform very well and have numerous comps to choose from. A list of Arena comps and their names for those who don't know and are curious. With TBC, comes.

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As for Rapture, it is basically one of the main reasons, why disco priests are as mana efficient as they are. I will explain more about it later on. Divine Aegis lets your critical heals cause a 30% extra absorb. The more shields, the better. Pain Suppression is an extra defensive cooldown. Too useful for the 1 point it requires.

Heroic Lich King solo healed by a disc priest. They were by far the best healer to solo heal that. Grand Marshal/Gladiator Priest, Lightplol. PvE gladiator holy paladin, Lightp. Elly 10 years ago #30. Disc priest's bubbles could trivialize many mechanics, so they were a.

Sure a shields heal could proc it, but the disc-priest put his talent points in shields at the expense of stronger heals, so his heals are by definition, weaker. Also, any shielding during the proc would be completely wasted. Ironically, the only healer the Legendary shielding mace isn't (as) good for is the disc shield-priest.

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